Bucks Are Rubbing in Michigan!

Posted by dwimpari October 22, 2012

In our most recent trip out to the property where we hunt in northwest St. Clair county, we are seeing a LOT of buck activity in the form of series of rubs and scrapes!


 2012-10-13 10.47.41 (Custom)  2012-10-13 10.57.43 (Custom)  2012-10-13 10.58.02 (Custom)

Saturday morning I had 2 does run straight in toward my stand, with a 6 point following close behind – so needless to say, chasing is beginning and the upcoming rut should prove to be a LOT of fun!

2012 Sanctuary Outdoors Coming This Fall !

Posted by Kevin Eason September 17, 2012

 Do you love watching Deer Hunting Videos? Sanctuary Outdoors proudly brings you along for the 2012 Deer Hunting Season in Michigan, Ohio & Illinois. Searching for big bucks and working full time at  9 to 5 jobs is our story. Follow us through the season as we bring you weekly updates on the hunting woods, trail camera pictures, videos & gear reviews.





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Deer Hunting Video- Kevin Ohio 2011 November Bow Hunt

Posted by Kevin Eason June 11, 2012


Kevin’s 2011 bow kill.  The secondary farm pays off AGAIN!!! In an effort to keep pressure off our main farm we often take our efforts to some backup hunting properties.

This particular piece had only been hunted a couple times a few days earlier when we caught a glimpse of this deer buttin heads with another big shooter. 

At first glance Chuck tried to call little brother off this deer but the second Kevy saw it coming in he was committed and this buck was going down.

Watch this great story unfold.