Tree Walker Tree Stands Review

Posted by Kevin Eason August 22, 2012

Climbing trees stands have come a long way in the past 8 years. There are many choices on the market today to choose between from stands that are very light weight and portable to stands that are bulkier and more comfortable than your favorite reclining chair.


When it became time, to start shopping around for a new climber I looked at all the retail stores and also searched online for the newest hottest stands out. I became very confused with all the stands to choose from on the market today. I knew that I wanted a climber that was light weight, safe and extremely comfortable but did not know were to find just that. As luck would have it while out on an annual visit to the Woods “N” Water Show in Imlay City, Michigan my brother and I came across a vender selling climbing tree stands. Very impressed by the sales pitch we both purchased a Tree Walker Tree Stand that day.


The Tree Walker Climbing tree stand is lightweight weighing in at only 18lbs and is also extremely comfortable to hunt in. This stand is both easy to use and extremely safe to hunt in. It has a large platform size of 20” X 35” Comfortable mesh seat measuring 22” X 34” and a weight limit of 350 lbs for all you big guys. You can climb trees from 6’ up to 26” in diameter. With all those great features how does it get better here is how get this it’s 100% made and manufactured in the USA, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. “Wow” that should be the end of this gear review, but wait it gets even better.


It is very quit to carry and easy to set up, the two piece stand snaps together with its interlocking system so no need for bungees or straps to hold it together. It is easy as pie to attaché to the tree, even in the dark. It has a memory cable that wraps around the tree with a bright yellow end to make it the fastest climber to set up that I have ever seen. It has a patented Possi Grip engagement system that guarantees no slip (these are 1’ spikes that go into the tree so it is probably not the best choose for public land hunting). I have never once in the 5 years I have owned the stand ever had it slip from its spot on the tree.


You can hunt out of the Tree Walker Tree Stand by facing it toward or away from the tree. This feature is nice to have on a tree stand it gives you the ability to change your hunting style to fit your needs and adapts to all different types of trees you may come across in the woods. It has a foot rest and a shooting rest. It comes with a set of backpack straps that make it very sweet to carry to your tree. It has a very balanced weight when back packing and climbing. I have carried this stand over two miles to my tree with little effort or strain.


As stated earlier, I have owned this stand for 5 years plus and use it on a daily basis through out the Michigan & Ohio hunting seasons. I have yet to have anything break or fail. This stand gives me the versatility to change tree stand locations in search for that monster buck of a lifetime. It is comfortable enough to hunt in all day during the rut when the big boys are on there feet. It is light enough, easy to carrier, super simple to set up, safe and quite so you won’t mind hauling it out into the woods on a daily basis. So the bottom line is “go get you one son” and you will not be disappointed. I have not seen them at any outdoor/hunting shows in a couple of years so the only place I know to purchase this bad boy is on there website at  starting price is  $ 329.00 with lots of option cool accessories to buy with it.


Want To See It In Action
Click Here To Watch Watch This Hunt as I Shoot This Great Deer out of My Tree Walker Tree stand.