Deer Hunting Video- 2011 Jeff Illinois Bow Hunt

Posted by Kevin Eason May 29, 2012

Trophy Taker 100 Grain Shuttle T-Lock Broadheads

Posted by dwimpari October 25, 2010

A couple of years ago, after reading all of the hype and falling into the marketing strategy behind the Rage expandable broadheads – I went out and bought myself a set.  I thought it was an ingenious way for the blades to deploy on impact, while maintaining a low profile (like a field point) during flight.


Well a couple of years have gone by now, and after having taken 3 different deer over the past two seasons – I’ve come to the deduction that they are not all they are cracked up to be.  I shoot an Alpine Ravage at 75lbs, and though it is definitely not the fastest bow around – I should not be having any issues with penetration or pass-through…  In all cases that I have taken a deer with my Rage broadhead, I have experienced poor penetration and no pass-through.


After experiencing a heart-breaking situation last season, in which I shot a big 9 point buck at approximately 6 yards, only to watch him run away with the arrow sticking out the top of his back with no exit wound below (and no blood trail) – I decided to try something different!


This season I am using a set of Shuttle T-Lock broadheads and have recently taken a 6 point buck.  The flight was right-on and the arrow passed through flawlessly, leaving decent sized entry and exit wounds.


It had been a rainy morning, but didn’t need to look for a blood trail – since I’d watched the buck run to to about 70 yards and lay down to expire.


Taking into consideration the flight, accuracy and impact of these broadheads – I would definitely recommend them to any hunters that may be disillusioned with some of the other more popular broadheads on the market.


The solid construction of the Shuttle T-Lock and solid steel ferrule guarantee that the 3 replaceable blades will stay in place, so long as the broadhead is crewed securely to your arrow.  The unique shape of the blades, which mimic the curves of the space shuttle (thus the name) help to ensure smooth accurate flight.


Check out a set of Shuttle T-Lock broadheads at your local archery or sporting goods store today!