Whatz Up!

That’s right you got him, the President of Sanctuary Outdoors, Chuck Walters.  I live, breath, eat, and sleep hunting and fishing.  Hunting whitetail deer and turkey has been a passion of mine as long as I can remember.  My hunting adventures have ranged from the big woods of Michigan's Upper Peninsula all the way to the magical farm lands of Ohio and Indiana.  When I'm not in the woods or planting food plots, I spend the other time fishing for perch, walley, and pan fish.  I have fished in places such as the world famous Detroit River and pan fished on the frozen tundra of Lake Saint Clair and Canada's beautiful Lake Simcoe.  Although this is just a brief description of me I think you get the picture.  Be sure to check out our videos and come back often to find out more about how I roll.

Thanks For Visiting,
Chuck Walters

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