Dan LOVES to be outdoors - so much so, that a few years ago he packed up his family and moved out to the country so that he could be surrounded by nature, with a great fishing lake on his street and productive whitetail hunting grounds nearby.

In the spring and early fall, you can find him down the road testing a variety of fishing lures for norhern pike, catfish, largemouth bass.  Dan has been an avid fisherman from childhood, with availability to a series of large ponds in the land behind his childhood home, and multiple trips out on Lake Huron & St. Clair with his father and grandfather.

With his family's roots being in the Keewenaw Peninsula of Michigan's U.P. - hunting has been in Dan's family for generations.  However, it wasn't until he had started his own family before Dan would get hooked on whitetail deer hunting.  On a trip to his in-laws in Hale, MI - Dan tasted marinated venison backstraps cooked on the grill.  After experiencing the amazing flavor and tender meat, his father in-law invited him to go hunting (and get his own meat).  The rest is history...

Now from early fall to the bitter cold of year-end, you will find Dan in the woods any chance he can get!  From the unique experience of trekking out to the woods in the dark of morning, to sitting in a tree at the very peak of dawn to watch the sun rise and flow over the trees and fields, to the excitement of catching sight of an unsuspecting buck out of the corner of your eye, to the heart-pumping anticipation as you draw back to take your shot, the patience and worry while tracking your quarry, and finally the pride and honesty of harvesting your own meat - it is this unique roller coaster of experiences and emotions that lead to obsession.  This is why whitetail hunting is generally something that can only be understood by other whitetail deer hunters.

When not 'in the field' Dan enjoys researching, reviewing and testing various types of new hunting related gear and practicing archery from various elevations and distances.  He feels it is important to have the confidence in your shot at different distances and to know what your gear can and can't do.  For this reason, you can look forward to upcoming gear reviews, tips and videos related to archery.

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