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My name is Jeff Kempf and I am one of the fortunate fellow’s that have the privilege of knowing and hanging out with these knuckle heads. I was honored when I was asked to be part of this Sanctuary Outdoors team. I too absolutely love the outdoors and am in it to some capacity every day of my life. While I love it all I’m most passionate about bow hunting whitetails. There is something about this animal that absolutely drives me nuts.

I was introduced to hunting by my father who was bow hunting for deer back in the 50’s before I was even born. I remember when he and his buddies started going all high tech and got these crazy lookin things called compound bows. I started shooting really young but didn’t actually hunt with the bow until 1981 and I remember that day like it was yesterday. “Big Buck Down”! A monster spike with towering 3 ¼” tines. I still have those antlers on a plaque in my basement and display them with pride. Tell me you can’t remember that first deer kill? What a rush!

Anyway, that set the stage for the next 30+ years of my life where I have been blessed and very fortunate! Fortunate to have had so many great friendships and so many great memories. Now were entering the next stage with new friends and new memories to be made. This adds a new dimension to the hunting and fishing experience. “Capturing it all on tape” and being able to share that experience over and over and over. Taking a big mature whitetail is a great accomplishment and unbelievable feeling, but being there for someone else shooting their first deer or buck of a lifetime is priceless. Capturing it all on film? “Over the Top”!!!

A few years ago I was hunting with one of my hunting partner Ross “Rusty” and we had a whitetail experience that pritty much changed the way we hunt forever. If we would have had a video camera with us that November day we would have captured one of the most exciting whitetail events that I have ever heard of. “ What if ” (click for Story) is a must read and should be available on Sanctuary Outdoors soon. Since that day we’ve tried to have a video camera with us on every hunt or time were on the water. Ya just never know when that deer or fish of a lifetime is going to show up.

Our new mission is to bring to you and share with you all those new memories. Were just regular old boys and girls, like you, havin fun and livin a dream. Come huntin and fishin with us and see what we have in store for 2012. Don’t forget to grab that video camera on your next trip to the woods or the water and share your memories with us.


Wish us luck and best to you!

Jeff Kempf

Pro Staff Member


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