Thats me, Kevin E, Vice President of Sanctuary Outdoors and President of Eason Painting Inc. Thanks for visiting my page. As you can probally guess I have a passion for hunting, fishing, and everything outdoors! I am an advid hunter as I spend most of my spare time hunting Whitetail Deer. Like most hunters, nothing is more exciting to me than having a big buck close the distance only to welcome my Grim Reaper Broadhead! After realizing how much we enjoy watching hunting videos, my brother and I decided to start www.sanctuaryoutdoors.com to fuel our passion for hunting even more. We wanted to create a website where exciting hunting and fun fishing takes place and though we love to hunt trophy Whitetails, we are just like you; exited to be outdoors! Hunting and fishing with my brother Chuck has taught me so much about the right way to be successful in the field as my pictures and videos are proof of just that, so I'm excited to share with you my hunting tips to help your hunt be a successful one. When Chuck and I are not hunting, we head to the lakes and frozen tundra for some old fashion fishing and ice fishing! I enjoy spending time with my family the most as well as overseeing the day to day operation of Eason Painting.  Well, now you know a little about me so I invite you, your friends, and your family to visit our site and enjoy our adventures at Sanctuary Outdoors !

Thanks For Visiting,

Kevin Eason



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