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Chuck Walters

Chuck (AKA-Chuckles) is a die hard bowhunter from Southeast Michigan and believe it or not he actually sleeps with his bow. Chuck's passion for hunting resides in his home state of Michigan while also traveling to the great state of Ohio for more Sanctuary Outdoor action! His lovely wife Cindy Walters has recently joined the pro staff team at Sanctuary Outdoors so be sure to tune in for Cindy's first harvest ever!  Chuck's brother, Kevin Eason, is also featured as a Sanctuary Outdoor pro staff member as Kevin shows everyone how to get it done! The buck in the picture below says it all about Chucks dedication to hard pre-season work and his love for bow hunting. Be sure to check in often as we just never know what Chuck has planned next!  

Click Here to Watch Chuck's Bow hunt of this Gaint 8 Pointer Deer.



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Kevin Eason

Kevin (AKA - Kdogg) is Chuck Walters younger brother.  Kevin has stated how lucky he is to have an influencial older brother who has led by example in the great outdoors. Keving was born and raised in Mount Clemens, Michigan and began hunting and fishing at the age of 18. It didn't take long for Kevin to be hooked on the sport of hunting and fishing.  As of the past 4 years, Kevin has succeeded in harvesting several monster Whitetail Deer due to his dedication, perserverance, and his mindful attention to detail.  Everyone at Sanctuary Outdoors says that Kevin's humor in unlike anything else as he has an unforgetable laugh!  When it comes to overseeing Sanctuary Outdoors, Kevin spends time assisting in each department which contributes to the fun atmosphere at Sancturary Outdoors; however, it does help when he harvests another one of his majestic Whitetails from year to year.  Kevin's favorite saying is "I would rather be lucky than good" or is that the other way around? Either way, stay tuned in to find out!

Click Here To Watch The Video Of This Bow Hunt


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Jeff Kempf

Jeff has one of the most impressive Whitetail Deer game rooms we have ever seen.  We first met Jeff at a land posting party for the American Sprtsmans Club (now known as GOLS - Great Lakes Outdoor Sports) back in 2007. After an awesome conversation over some lunch we realized Jeff was an "elite" hunter as well as an avid fisherman.  Having hunted over 30 years, Jeff consistantly harvests trophey Whitetails year to year whether he is in Michigan, Ohio, or Illinois and still his passion for hunting is like his first time ever.  Jeff has a unique style of hunting by studying aerial photographs and identifying potential funnels to put himself right in big buck territory every time.  Jeff is also responsible for filming several of the videos that you see here on Sanctuary Outdoors as he loves to get behind the camera for his friends and youths; it's as though the camera is glued to his hand. Who films Jeff you ask? Well, Jeff films Jeff.  That's right, check out Jeff's video "Solo Mission" where he films himself harvesting a nice Ohio 10 point in early October.  This year Jeff promised the Sanctuary Outdoor pro staff team to let one of us get behind the camera and film him as he so generously does for everyone else.  You think he will stick to his promise?  Stay tuned in to find out in our upcoming 2012 season at Sanctuary Outdoors! More on Jeff...just click his name to view his amazing "What If" story; it's a must read!

Click Here To Watch Jeffs 2011 Bow Hunt


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Mike Bryer



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Ross Smith

Ross (AKA - Rusty). We met Rusty a few years ago through his best friend and Sanctuary Outdoor pro staff member, Jeff Kempf, at his annual venison processing party and man are we pumped about having Rusty on the Sanctuary Outdoor team!  Rusty is not only a great hunter but he is an awesome fisherman. When you look up sportsman in the dictionary, Rusty's picture is there! He has a passion for hunting, fishing, and preparing excellent venison, which we all just simply love looking forward to every February.  His graciousness and generosity to welcome all sportsman and sportswomen to his circle of friends is what sets Rusty apart from most outdoorsmen.  He loves his family and friends and goes to all lengths to spread the fun! He even attracts little furry kritters like "kittens" out to his stand. Rusty also has a unique way of sleeping in his tree stand without falling out as featured in his 2010 Ohio hunt with guest speaker Safety Sally, you defintately need to check that video out ( not try this in the woods unless you are Rusty). Whether he is harvesting a deer or hooking a bass you can be sure it will be entertaining! Click on Ross to find out more about how great this sportsman really is!


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Don Colarusso

Donny is Suzie Q's younger brother and we couldn't be more happy to have him as part of the Sanctuary Outdoors pro staff team!  We met Donny a few years ago at the annual venison processing party and you just can't help but to love this guy.  He is the life of the party and can mix it up with just about anybody, espcecially when he is serving up "Little Beers"!  The great thing about Donny is he brings that fun and excitement into the woods or onto the water, whether he's in front of the camera or behind it. When we find ourselves getting to caught up in the moment and taking things too serious, we can count on Donny to tone us down and lighten things up. As seen below, Donny is a fishing nut too!  He and his lifelong buddies love the mighty Musky and fish several of the Lake St. Clair tournaments every season.  His passion for fishing and the outdoors has us excited to see Donny in action this fall season in the woods!  We guarantee the footage we lay down with Donny will be entertaining and full of laughs.  See Donny's bio by clicking his name above.

Click Here to Watch Donny's Michigan Bow Hunt.


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Dan Wimpari

With his family's roots being in the Keewenaw Peninsula of Michigan's U.P. - hunting has been in Dan's family for generations.  However, it wasn't until he had started his own family before Dan would get hooked on whitetail deer hunting.  On a trip to his in-laws in Hale, MI - Dan tasted marinated venison backstraps cooked on the grill.  After experiencing the amazing flavor and tender meat, his father in-law invited him to go hunting (and get his own meat).  The rest is history...

Now from early fall to the bitter cold of year-end, you will find Dan in the woods any chance he can get!


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Cindy Walters

Cindy (AKA - Loo Hoo).  Ok...who doesn't love a new hunter?  We are so excited that Cindy Walters, Chuck Walters wife, has joined in on the outdoor fun! After many years of watching Chuck go off to hunt and fish, Cindy decided it is time that she learns how to hunt and she couldn't have a better mentor!  With her new Excaliber Crossbow in hand Cindy will be heading out to the field this year on her own to harvest the beloved Whitetail Deer!  She was able to get her feet wet last year on a few hunts during the Ohio gun season with husband Chuck and though she wasn't able to harvest a deer she had an absolute blast. many new hunters who learn from the best we all know that simply being outdoors during the hunting season is about enjoying nature, friends, and family. Cindy is a dedicated mother and a supportive wife, which helped Chuck to pursue his passion of hunting for so many years and now it is Cindy's turn.  We believe you will agree with us that she is an absolute sweetheart so stay tuned in to see Cindy harvest her first Whitetail Deer ever this fall!  More on Cindy? Click on her name above to see why we lover her so much!


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Susan DeMello

Susan (AKA - Suzie "Q") has one of the best hunting adventures here at Sanctuary Outdoors! You can experience her excitement by watching her video "Two Does and a Buck" posted on the video page of our website! It's an amazing story that exemplifies Suzie's display of true sportsmanship. Her huge heart, kindness, and awesome witty zingers makes Suzie a blast to hang with; not to mention she is an awesome hunter! This lady doesn't mind getting her hands dirty, braving the elements, and worming her own hook just to get in on some great outdoor action!  She has been mentored by one of our own here at Sanctuary Outdoors, Jeff Kempf, and now you know why she catches all the big fish and can hang with the big boys in the woods.  We are thrilled to have Suzie "Q" as part of our pro staff team as we look forward to many more of her amzing adventures and also having her son Michael join in on the family aciton.  With that said, tune in for the upcoming 2012 season as we all know Suzie will get'r done!  More on Suzie "Q"? Simply click her name above and catch up on what she's doing next!



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Jeremy Frasier

Jeremy (AKA- Greaser) this guy is truly an outdoor nut. We had the pleasure to meet Jeremy through a mutual friend about 11 years ago and we have been friends ever since. I do not personally know anyone who spends more time in the outdoors than Jeremy. He will jump at every chance he gets to be in the outdoors, whether he is ice fishing, walleye fishing, duck hunting or chasing whitetails he is up for the challenge. Jeremy has the ability to keep everyone smiling with his witty humor and outgoing personality. Always willing to lend a hand or help out his friends and family to success in the outdoors. We are excited to have him on the pro Staff and eager to bring his experience to share with you on Sanctuary Outdoors. Check out Jeremy’s blog and more pictures and stories by clicking on his name above.