Drought 2012

Posted by Kevin Eason August 28, 2012

Unless you live in a box or climate controlled underground fortress you have more than likely heard all the talk about the 2012 drought. It is being labeled as one of the worst droughts that the US as seen in the last 100 years. It is extremely broad covering 57% of the contiguous 48 states and affecting 1700 counties.


I know that the farmers that we lease land from are on the edge every week praying that we get enough rain to allow the crops to grow and not be lost. I joke about rain dances but am sure that there are plenty of people dancing right now. With 48 % of  corn crops rated poor to very poor and 38%

f soybean crops rated poor to very poor it will be difficult times for our farmers and there families.


So what does this mean for all the crazy whitetail freaks like us?  I know that we have been extraordinarily lucky getting just enough rain when we need it to allow our fall food plots to sprout, will that luck continue? Will there be enough rain to allow the food plots to grow into thick deer attracting magnets? I sure hope so, what I do know is that with the lack of rain fall and also the possibility of the crops being harvested earlier than usual, that deer will have to look harder and longer for a nutritious food source come fall. They will also lose bedding and cover if the crops are taken earlier forcing them into the woods with fewer places to hide. This is actually exciting news if you are lucky enough to have food and cover plots that survive into the late fall and winter months. If your property has  better food and cover than you neighbors, Bam you know were all the big bucks will be.


I am no deer biologist, but I have read various

articles stating that deer antler growth is stunted by the lack of rain, but so far my trail camera photos have not led me to that conclusion, but really how do you gage what a deer’s antlers may have looked like with more rain fall? There is also a lot of concern for disease and infection within the deer herd with them having to drink out of the same stagnate water holes instead of multiple flowing streams and ponds.


Has all this talk about the drought made you change your hunting strategies for the up coming sea

son? I know that it has been bouncing around in my head at night when I try to sleep. Here, is some food for thought, find natural watering holes on your property, look for dropped or cut tree tops for cover, if you have not planted a food plot already there is still time, get out there and plant them  now, scout for acorns, dig an extraordinarily deep pond (lol). If you plan now this could be your best season ever.


Don’t Forget – Get out there and let me see your best rain dance.



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