Energizer LED Series Flashlights

Posted by jeremy September 5, 2012

I know what you’re thinking; a flashlight is a flashlight, right? We insert the batteries and click it on when it’s too dark to see. Well being an avid outdoors man, I have seen many flashlights come and go, some break, some get wet, some need new bulbs that never get replaced and some just do not make the grade.


  The Bigger the flash light the brighter it shines, not any more. Maybe in the old days of the big, cumbersome, spot lights with a trillion candle watts this was true. Now days with technology changing at the speed of light and the growth of the hunting industry flash lights have changed drastically. Smaller sized flashlights are brighter, lighter and more durable than ever before.

Of all the flashlights that I have tried in the last few years, my favorite is the Energizer LED series.  The Energizer LED series is taking charge of the flashlight world bring you an impressive collection of flashlights at a price that will not break the bank. Flashlights of this quality use to cost upwards of $100.00, but thanks to Energizer not any more. You can now purchase a great flashlight for $5.00 to $40.00 that will stand the test of time, and you will not cry like a baby if you lose it on the water or in the woods.


 (LED) Light emitting diodes have many benefits compared to the old twist out bulbs. LED’s use less power so batteries last longer; they never need to be replaced and are virtually indestructible. One product from Energizer I recently purchased is there aluminum LED flash light which at seven inches is a small spot light that fits in your back pocket. Man this thing is bright. It runs on two AA batteries, which it comes with has four hours of continuous run time, is waterproof and has 62 Lumens ratings. I can not wait to use this flashlight for the upcoming hunting season to light up the woods or the water.


 Another excellent product and must have for the outdoors is Energizers LED head lamps. By far everyone hunting or fishing should have one of these. From climbing into your stand in the early morning hours to picking up decoys in the late evening, these lamps keep both of your hands free so you can focus on what you are doing for your own safety. Another significant advantage is the various modes on these models such as spot, flood and night vision. The night vision which comes in green, red or blue light, that is perfect for not spooking game but offers enough light to see what you’re doing in your in your tree stand, duck blind or fishing hole.


 There are thousands of flashlights to choice from theses day, and I have tried most of them. The Energizer series of flash lights prove to me to be the best out there when it comes to brightness, cost, weight and size. You can bet I will not leave home without mine this season.


For more information on the Energizer Flashlights visit, Energizer.com

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